Thursday, August 23, 2012

Since When?

When has our mom ever paid attention to special events and goings on?!?  She routinely forgets our birthdays and gotcha days.  Did you know this was Take Your Cat to the Vet Week?
And would you believe what our mom went and did?!?
She actually took me and Pip to the V-e-t!!!!
I'll have you know I checked our bloggie archive
and it has NOT been a year since my last visit!
Mom kept me closed in the bathroom my private dining room after serving my breakfast.  I was relaxing and quite enjoying myself when mom came back in, grabbed me, and literally stuffed me in my carrier!  Apparently she had done the same thing to Pip while she was hanging out in her room.
Neither Pip nor I had the chance to use the facilities before we left, and mom adds an awful lot of water to my food especially, since my kidneys aren't too good.  Pip and I both hollered at mom to pull over or turn around cause we had to go...but she wouldn't listen.  What's a cat to do, I ask you?  Mom can't expect us to hold it for a squillion couple of hours...
At the vet's office mom kept sayin how stinky we were.  Well?!?  What does she expect?  But then she kept calling us Stinky Number One and Stinky Number Two to the Doc and Technicians.  She forgot to bring any extra towells so we made mom wet and stinky too, mol!
Pip was having a regular check up and my blood needed to do some tests.  Mom wants to be sure my kidney's numbers haven't changed or gone bad.  The Doc said we were both fine.  We'll both have to wait to hear how our bloods did.
So after we got back home mom had some laundry to do (hee hee!).  And then I wanted to be sure everything smelled ok afterwards...
uh huh, I think mom did ok on the clean-up...
Don't worry!  I did not stay in there for long!


  1. Haha! Well, you two sure taught your mom a lesson about giving you lots of water before a car ride!

  2. Sounds like your human got what she deserved for carting you two off to the vet before you had a chance to use the litter box!

  3. I sure am glad you are both okay, that is a very good thing!

  4. Oh no I'm sorry you had to go to the vet! Glad you are both fine and I hope blood test comes back fine, too. You did great job making your mom Stinky Number Three!

  5. I hope your bloods look ok!!!
    Play bows,
    PS: Wait ... what's that I see about Smidgen's test having an error...

  6. Good job teaching the mom a lesson for taking you to the vet's office. But we are glad she took you, because we want you to be healthy. Paws crossed that your bloods come back good.