Friday, August 10, 2012

The Joke's on Her

It's so easy to pull one over on our mom that it almost isn't any fun...

See, she was outside with Wriggley and she came in to the tell-tale sounds of...
(Bet you thought I was gonna say yak!)


Now why does she automatically think of me?

Ok, it was me, but to get on with it...

"Minnie!  what are you doing?" she says while thinking "what did I leave out?  What could she be getting into now?!?
::heart beating faster::


I was shreddin on these papers that were on the floor.  Perfectly legal an all!
See?  She sets herself up for it, really.

Still, she never actually gets mad at us.

I mean really, could you get mad at this face?


  1. Heh Heh heh Minnie. Bet you were purrin so loud the neighbors heard ya ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  2. Yes, the smile saves you every single time!!!

  3. Humans! Why are they so suspicious? They always think the worst of us kitties!

  4. Ours are like that too - they hear a sound and right away think the worst!

    cats of wildcat woods

  5. Why are things always OUR fault? Humans have such powers of projection. It's always THEIR fault, really.

  6. Yep, paper on the floor is fair game. Sometimes we bend the rools an even help it get there...

  7. No, we can never get mad at such pretty face! And everything is forgiven when you expose your beautiful tummy :-)

  8. Minnie, we do the same thing to our mom! She'll start yelling at us to stop doing something she thinks we are doing, and when she realizes we're not doing anything bad, she apologizes to us. Jeez, she really has to relax.

  9. Ha roo roo roo! Way to go, Minnie!
    And might I compliment you on your attititude?!?! Very Siberian-like! As my sister Stormy always taught me - "Being a Siberian Husky means never having to say you're sorry!" Since we're the missing link between dogs and cats, I shouldn't be surprised at the similarity in our approach! Ha rooo!!!!
    Play bows,