Friday, November 9, 2012

Independent Grocery Consultant

At your service!
I have some impawtant grocery inspectin work that needs to be done.
Only, I'm not comfortable workin when the boss lady mom is lookin over my shoulder.
I feel a bit tentative...
self conscious even...
I didn't do a very good job on this bread inspection.
You can barely see where I clawred the package.  I wasn't able to do a proper taste test either.  I hope mom realizes the chance she's taking when she goes to eat any.
I consider myself more of a Independent Grocery Consultant.  My preference is to work with little to no snoopervision.  After the boss lady mom went away and left me to it, I was in my element!
I did not waste any time and was back in the bags...
...making sure mom got the right kind of...
Cotton balls!
Mom uses these for cleanin Wriggley's ears and I had to make sure they were ok... you know... triple size an all...
And if anybuddy is interested, my services are available for a nominal fee...


  1. You handled that like a real pro!!!

  2. MOL! I bet your mom was glad you were able to inspect those cotton balls.

    The Paw Relations

  3. Minnie! We should start up a company inspectin' stuffs. My specialty is produce...and Sylvester is an ace plastic-licker. Just THINK of the possibilities!

    Yr entreprenurial pal, Salem

  4. You are so helpful. I like to help test the crips and once I even tested a bag of flour hee he :)xx

  5. MInnie, the Boss Lady suer is lucky to have you there!

  6. What would your mom DO without you!?!? I hope she realizes how invaluable your services are and REWARDS you!!!
    Play bows

  7. Minnie, the humans here don't let us inspect the groceries here - they are really taking their lives into their own hands and it is scary!

  8. Thank goodness your human's got a good grocery inspector like you!!

  9. Well, nobuddy likes to be watched while they're doing their jobs!! We're glad to see you were able to do your job properly.

  10. I thought you were already charging the fee by simply ripping things up... I wasn't expecting you to charge extra.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  11. LOL! The cotton ball hanging out of the container cracked me up! You are such a good inspector! The boss your mom should leave you alone when you do inspection, so that the bread can get thorough inspection and she can have a peace of mind when eating it :-)

  12. With a nominal fee, does that mean you'll take noms in place of money??hehe

    Good job inspectin'!