Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that mom is happy enough to just have me wear bandanas for special occasions.
I have quite the collection now and almost need my own bit of dresser-drawer space.  Mom found two Howloween bandanas for me and couldn't decide which one to she got them both...
Then she found another that she couldn't resist...
I ask you, what's a pup to do with three Howloween bandanas?!?

Wait, don't ask!

Yes, I had to pose with them all.  You'll have to bear with me here as I share the pictures.  It's only fair after all, since I did have to go through the trouble...
Ok, those are a bit too serious...
We don't usually do much for Howloween.  Mom says she doesn't want to deal with me barking at the door the kitties to be scared by the doorbell ringing all the time, so we turn out the lights in the front part of the house and hang out in Smidgen's room and watch movies.  Last night was raining so our neighborhood was pretty quiet anyhow.  Still, I miss the punkin carving.
I helped one year and carved my own.  Check it out:

Mom had left the punkin in the garage so I thought I'd help her out.  She was impressed I was able to get it out my doggy door I thought to take it outside and didn't make a mess.  I don't think mom has gotten any punkins for Howloween since...hmmm...that's strange now that I think about it.
Well,  I think I need to check on my bandana collection and make sure I'm ready for the next holiday...


  1. Wriggley, you look great in all your Halloween bandanas! And we're totally impressed with how you carved that pumpkin! You got talent!!

  2. Wriggley, we love your bandanas, they're so colourful and fun!

    Our human doesn't do anything for Halloween, either, and so we all "hid" with the lights off and watched TV. :-)

  3. Hi Wriggley, your bandanas are cute and you look great with them! But three definitely need your own dresser!
    And that's very impressive work you did with pumpkin curving. There should be carving contest for doggies :-)

  4. Have you been puncin chunkin Wriggley?

  5. You look so stylish in those bandanas, Wriggley!

  6. Bandanas on you look nice!!

  7. WOW! I am so impressed with your punkin-carving ability! I'll bet since you carved it perfectly, it's like no one can ever carve one as well, so why even get one!?! Or something like that! You maxed out!
    You look awesome in all those bandanas! I like the "smile" picture best. And for the record, my mom wants to throw her arms around you and hug you. Woo.

  8. OMD Wriggley! You got THREE Howloween bandanas?!!! You are one lucky dog! And you have more for the rest of the year. Excellent my furiend :)

    We do pretty much the same thing y'all do on Howloween cause I get real excited when the doorbell rings too ;) Yap, turned off all the lights and hid out watchin peep TV. I went to sleep ;)

    Great pumpkin carving my furiend!

    Waggin at ya,

  9. Rollie ( evil cat ) says you look great and very cute .x

  10. Wriggley, we love those bandannas, and think you look terrific in them all. :)

    We're impressed by your pumpkin-carving skills!