Friday, November 30, 2012

Other duties as required...

I'm sure you know I'm the Chief Grocery Inspector around here.  I was lookin at my job description recently, you know, to be sure I'm covering everything in my inspections an all.
There's a lot to this job, I think you'd be surprised.  I know my mom is.  Take this line I saw kind of at the end: "Other duties as required by the position."
I think that is referring to my "Crumb Patrol."
See, Wriggley can sometimes be a sloppy eater with his kibbles or cookies.  But I've got it covered!
Wriggley got back from walkin mom and he got a
 handful of kibbles.  I have to make sure the carpet
is clean an all.
Wriggley left a mess after eatin his cookie...but I'm on it!
Even mom is a bit sloppy in the kitchen!
::sigh:: My work is never done!
Say mom, whatchya doin there?
What's that?  I'm not supposed to be on the table while you're eating?
Oh, don't mind me...I'm just doin "Crumb Patrol."
Ummm...are you going to eat all of that?


  1. You are a very dedicated and talented kitty. :)

  2. Crumb patrol?! I'd be great at it!

  3. It is the opposite at our house, Rio is always hanging out by the cat's (elevated) feeding station in case there are any crumbs that fall on the floor!

  4. Cleaning up is a very impawtant job! We have someone here who does that and we call her Hoover sometimes!

  5. What a CRUMBY job!

    ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  6. I'm really good at Crumb Patrol, too. It's a wonderfully important job!
    Play bows,

  7. Crumb patrol! It sounds very hard job! Just please be careful not to eat things that might upset your yummy! I wish you a wonderful weekend :-)

  8. Minnie, if you every need any help with your crumb patrol, give me a call. I'd love to help.


  9. I am just awarding you a special awardie. If you already have it you can add another star if you want.
    Dawn (Shubunkin)

  10. Crumb Patrol? We are on that here, too, Minnie! :)


    Sammy and Moosey

  11. Crumb Control is VERY impawtant! Otherwise, the Beins sweep VERY edible stuff up when yer not lookin.

  12. Wow Minnie, you have a very big job there with the added crumb patrol...good thing you are very dedicated! Have a great week everyone!

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  14. Sweet Minnie, you're a good picker-upper fur Mom.
    xoxo Kassey