Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Toesday with Minnie

It's me...Minnie!  And...um...
Well, it's gotten kinda cold here lately and my pawsies are tucked in tryin to stay warm.  Over the weekend, our temperatures got down to freezing!
A couple of weekends ago, though, my pawsies and I helped mom out on her crossword.
Trust me, mom appreciates our help.
What with the cooler weather and shorter days, mom started playin with her activity mat again.  She still needs to frame the first two pictures she put together so she can hang them on the wall.  I still say it would be more fun to scatter the pieces all over the house, but mom never listens to me.
Still, I think mom could use my help on the new picture she's tryin to make.  She's got a big bit of sky to put together and she's grumbling about how hard it is.
Hey mom, I have a puzzle for you...
Hang this on the wall!
Hee hee!
Have a great Toesday, everybuddy!


  1. I agree scattering the pieces would be much more fun. Hehehe.
    I love the image of your puzzle very much! That should be up on the wall!

  2. Ha roo roo roo! That's a GREAT puzzle!!!
    Happy Toesday!
    Play bows,

  3. Yes, that puzzle would look great on the wall!

  4. Warm toesies are happy toesies!!!

  5. We like those toesies of yours, Minnie!

  6. Furry nice puzzle. Mom loves all your toeses.
    xoxo Kassey