Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sound the Alarm!

Today was a Caturday like any other.
Except it's been a bit windy and stormy.
So there I was, mindin' my own business, when something caught my eye in the back yard...
I rushed to the window and sounded the alarm!
Do you see that?  A plastic bag is trying to get into our house!
Mom was nearby but she was a bit slow to respond.  I had to meow for quite a while to get her attention.
The movie was after I had calmed down a bit...but oh, I still wanted to get my paws on that bag!  At first I was meowin non-stop!
Mom assured me I didn't need to worry, and she was able to open the door, grab the bag, and now it's secure in our recycle bin.
And I was able to get on with more impawtant things...
Don't worry, Wriggley, everything's under control!


  1. We haven't seen anny introoder plastic bags here, but we will keep all eyes open fer them! Great watchfullness!

  2. Really--you were minding your own business? Seems a bit far fetched if you ask us...

    Mommy says you have a very cute plastic bag war cry!

  3. It took your human long enough to deal with that intruding paper bag!

  4. You are an excellent patrol cat Minnie, way to go spotting that dastardly plastic bag and saving the family!!! For some reason Wiggley doesn't look too concerned..

  5. Save yourself!!... from the plastic bag

  6. OMC! Not the evil plastic bag introoder! Minnie, it's a good thing you were there to alert your mom so she could capture it and dispose of it!

  7. Well, sure. It was just a plastic bag THIS time! But it COULD have been something else!
    It's nice that Wriggley had faith that you had it covered!

  8. I hope you were able to get some rest after that evil introoder bag invasion!

  9. Whew! I'm glad you were able to save the household from that introoder plastic bag. And that you were able to get back to your regular weekend activities! :)

  10. Great job alerting your mom, Minnie! Now you are all safe from naughty introoder bag! I'm sure Wriggley is thankful that you do good job as watch cat :-)

  11. Gaaahhhh, a monster bag attacking! Good thing you were on guard and alerted your (slow) mom!!!

    Yes, it's terrible news about Huffle, we're still in disbelief. :-(