Sunday, October 9, 2011

Easy Sunday

Oh, I know what you're proly thinkin...
I'm a cat and that's all I do but nap.

Well, I had a busy day yesterday.  Mom did some sewing for us.
And I helped!  I had the impawtant job of holding stuff down:

She stitched together some of the squares from our fleecy grab bag to make a...well, it's not really a blankie, it's more like a cat pad.  She had it almost finished when she broke the needle on her sewer machine!  Can you believe that!?!  At least she had it "done enough" so I could do a preliminary quality check..

not bad...not bad...

Mom also baked puffins for Wriggley (kind of like a pupcake, only muffins, get it?).  'Cept I didn't help her with these.  They were zucchini puffins...not like she was makin anything good like with chick-hen...

Besides, I was busy, er, testing out the cat-pad!
aaahhh!   zzzzz...
I hope your Sunday's just as nice!


  1. No wonder you're exhausted today, Minnie, after your hard work of helping your mom sew the cat pad--plus test it out! Wow! Maybe you need a few extra treats or an extra serving of food to help regain your strength!

  2. I like your quilt ! Your mom did an awesome job : )
    and I can see you works real hard : )
    Enjoy your lovely quilt !

  3. Minnie
    You have exhausting work giving that cat pad a good workout.

  4. Minnie, it's nice to see what OUR Mommy was supposed to make for us...we think you had the hardest job of all, performing all the Q.C. testing.

    "puffins"...ha ha ha!

  5. You sure did earn that nap, you did lots to help!

  6. What a great quilt! You really helped a lot, Minnie ... your mom is very lucky!

  7. Cat pad tester sounds like a pawsome job!

  8. What a pawsome cat pad. sounds like you had a very busy day quality testing.

  9. Oh, that looks comfy! I need to get my mom to make me and Zim new comfy quilts!