Monday, October 24, 2011

Training Progress

I've been working with mom on paying attention to where I'm at in the kitchen so she doesn't step on me.

Surprisingly, I've made some good progress.
The other morning, as I was sitting behind her, she was actually looking out for me.
In fact, quite often she was even jumping about and dancing all over the place.

See, she was stepping on creases in this towel, and she kept thinking she was stepping on my tail!
I don't think I was even in the kitchen at the time....


  1. tell your Mom I can most certainly relate! lol!!

  2. Ha roo roo roo! Messing with your mom's head when you're not even there -- that is just plain outstanding!!!
    Play bows,

  3. Wow, your Mom is a smart one! Ours is terrible, she punts us all the time then has the temerity to scold US for being "underfoot". As if.

  4. How funny, Pip! You are teaching your human to dance!

  5. We used to have a cat called Tiptoes when we were young, but my dad called him Underfoot! Sounds like that could be your nickname too Pip

  6. LOL! Pip, you've trained your mom very well!! Even when you were not in the kitchen, she could not help but feeling your presence!

  7. Good for you, that training is so impawtant!

  8. Good werk! WE have taught TBT ta turn around slowly (as in not back up onto us) and ta shuffle his feet along the floor. But it takes time.

  9. I finally got Mom trained, i hope, to watch for me . So funny about the towel. MOL