Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Toesday with Minnie

Don't mind me, I'm just relaxin in Wriggley's bed my super duper extra large deluxe cat bed.
This is the life!
I highly recommend these beds to everycat.  There's plenty of room to stretch out if you want, or you can snuggle in and be warm and cozy!  If you send your pawrents out looking for one for you...I think they call them dog beds in the stores...

Not that that means anything.   Consider it more like a suggested use.  All of us here have been using these super deluxe super duper extra large deluxe cat beds with no bad reactions... wait hang on...

mom just threw my wormie toy and I have to go fetch it up...
Ok...now...where was I?


  1. Oooh, that looks very cosy. Maybe me and Simba need a larger beddy byes and a duluxe kitty one sounds like just the perfect one :)xx

  2. Goodness, what a comfy bed for sure. And look at those terrific toes.Great pictures. Have a really good day.

  3. It's lucky that your woofie doesn't mind sharing...did anyone tell Wriggley it's only "suggested use?" LOL!!!

  4. cute toes!!! and we like the idea of a super duper big bed...but would we have to share then??

  5. oh boy we love playing fetch with our beans. AND, hansel has taken up residence on our extra large cat bed too!

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  6. I'm not sure about this whole stealing Wriggley's bed thing... but you DO have cute toes!

  7. Minnie, we have one that has *gasp* a DOG BONE embroidered on it...thank you for telling us about the "suggested use" thingy...we'll rest easy now. As if we didn't before.
    You have some cute AND smart toesies!

  8. Dog beds - it sounds like bad marketing to me, as they are obviously KITTY beds!

  9. I say if a kitty is in it, it is definitely a kitty bed. Minnie, we loves your pretty toeses.
    xoxo Kassey

  10. We agree! Its a "size", not a "purpose"...

  11. I would mind Woofie's bed too ! I love lots of space to roll around..May be can show my fab. Tummy as well : )
    Enjoy da bed sweety !

  12. You might just be onto something, and it sure does look comfy!

  13. Well, we think if a cat is using it, it's definitely a cat bed!! Cute toesies today, Minnie!!