Monday, October 10, 2011

Signs of the Season

It's getting a little cooler here.  Fall is trying to come in.  Tho' the trees in our yard haven't started to turn color yet.
One sure sign of the season is that I've migrated again from napping with my teddybuddy to napping in my Princess Bed.

oh, sure, it may Look like a paw-me-down dog bed...but it's Not!

Another sign of the season is that our friend Phoebe is back!

 Every year at about this time we see the Black Phoebes in our yard.  They don't come to our feeders cause they eat mostly insects (note to mom: get some meal worms) but we can see them in the trees.  And we hear their call.  I think it's really cool to see them back every year!

And finally, mom can't sit down without one of us magically appearing in her lap!

Do you have any special signs of the season?


  1. Our mum knows when the colder weather is coming because we all in before she gets up. When it's warmer we don't come in for breakfast until she's up and about.

  2. We snuggle at night with the mom more during the cooler weather. But we've been lucky this weekend, above normal temps and nothing but glorious sunshine!

  3. Mom knows it is really cold when Tim decides to sleep UNDER the covers at night!!

  4. Well... being of Siberian origins ... somewhere back in our past, anyway... me and Dave get row-DY when it starts getting cool! Lots of zoomies, wanting to go on more walks, that sort of stuff!!!
    Oh. And Dave goes into snuggle overdrive.
    Play bows,

  5. We are extra-playful in the cool weather, and Mommy wakes up paralyzed in bed because there are so many of us piled on her.

  6. MOL..magically appearing in her lap : )
    My mom would love that !

  7. We all start running around like maniacs at night when the weather starts to get cooler!

  8. We are still waiting on the season to change. It is very tropical still and humid. *sigh* WE are ready for some coolness.

  9. We're like you. When the weather starts getting cooler, we start sleeping in our beds and on blankets...or on mom!!

  10. Our best sign of the season is that the windows an doors with screens get open so we can smell the outdoors and hear the sounds of the wildlife better! We LOVE that!