Friday, October 7, 2011


We had the winning bid in Annie's auction for some fleecy fabric scraps from the Katnip Lounge.  We got the box in the mail earlier this week, and YoW!  Talk about sniff-tastic!

First Wriggley licked the outside of the box all over.  When mom got it open, he was first to check everything out.

Don't get your dog-slobbers on everything, Wriggley!

Once he nosed through everything, we had a chance to check it out.

Nevermind the neat fabrics...smell this!

We want to get our mom busy crafting stuff for us, but at the same time, we don't really mind just keeping the fabrics out for our sniffing pleasure!

(three days later...)

I can't leave the box alone! that Rupert I sniff? ...or maybe The Baby...?
Thanks, Katnip Lounge!


  1. OMC! Smells for DAYS!!!! Who needs crafting?

  2. Can you smell my beloved CC in there?

  3. Wow, that sure looks like great fun. What a lot of pieces that is for you to sniff and I betcha it has all 13 kitties smells on them. Glad you are having such a good time. Take care.

  4. Wow, yeah, who needs to craft? The smells along have provided endless interest!

  5. Wow! We wish we could sniff them from here.

    Maybe your mom should sew them all together in a great big sniffy quilt.

  6. That is TOO FUNNY!! Mommy knows all the scraps are clean, she wonders WHAT ya'll are smelling on there! You should spread 'em out and have a good old-fashioned roll-around.

  7. That is so neat, we know your Mom will have lots of fun crafting stuff from all of that great material.

  8. That must have been a lot of friendly smells, comin from Katnip Lounge!

  9. Woo, Wriggley! Look at all that cool fabric!!!

  10. Now that is a great box of fun!!!

  11. Wow everyone is all over the fabric! It must smell really gooood!! And they are colorful and cute. I like the one with paw print :-)

  12. Actually sniffing IS a craft! And a very skilled one at that!

  13. You are all such great sniffers (and we bet there were lots of pawsome smells in there)! What is your mom going to craft from all those pretty scraps? :)