Monday, October 17, 2011

I Wonder...

So everyday mom has been covering up my blanket project.  I figured she wanted to protect it.  You know, since it's such a work of art!

Well, I got to thinking, don't actually think that maybe my mom doesn't want me to lace the blankie?

My blankie project, all covered up and safe.

Nah!  I didn't think so either...

My blankie project later in the day, after I've done a bit of lacing.

I'm getting ready to start another layer.


  1. Pip, I just know you are an Artist !
    Great work ! Keep it up ; )

    PS : I hope your mom still help you visit me..tee..heh

  2. You ARE doing an excellent job! We bet your mom's impressed! :-)

  3. Your mum obviously doesn't appreciate your artistry!!!

  4. Who ever said Cats have short attention spans is clearly insane.
    This is a work of looooong duration, and stamina. Tally ho!

  5. Pip, you are an expert lace-maker! You are making it more valuable with every moment you spend on it!

  6. Your mom doesn't want you to lace the blankie? No way! She must be covering to make sure others would not do lacing 'cause you ARE the artist! Keep up your great art work!!

  7. We think your blanket project is really coming along nicely!

  8. My mom said that when they lived in Belgium, there were all kinds of bipeds who made lace and sold it for mega-bucks in the shops. Think of all the potential you have!
    Play bows,

  9. Pip. you do good work and Mom should appreciate it.
    xoxo Kassey