Thursday, April 26, 2012


Mom was doing some field work the other morning and lookit what she saw...

Isn't that cool?  They almost look like kitty toys, floating in the sky :D
There are balloon companies out of the Napa valley that will often launch near the town where she works.

And a first for her was actually driving by one of these that had landed...

Our mom loves to see the balloons but she thinks she'd be too chicken to ride in one.
We like high places but that's going a bit far for us even!


  1. Those are so pretty, but they make bigger hissing noises that all of us here!

  2. Cara, Pip, smidgen, Minnie, Hollie and Wriggley--

    Hey, balloons might just be going a bit too high for us, too!! They are fun to watch and so pretty on a sunny day :)

    Hugs to you all for your purrs and prayers for Trapper. We really appreciate your comforting words when we needed them the most xx

    Huggie bears and have a great weekend from all of us,
    Tom, Mom Julie, Mitty, Tinker & Anastasia

  3. Now there's a neat thing to see at work! Our Mommy says your Mom is lucky to have such a gorgeous "office"!!

  4. Those are so beautiful! I love adventure, so I'd probably LOVE riding in a balloon. (Provided no one forces me to get in - I have to do things on my own, or I resist!)
    Thanks for the very cool pix!
    Play bows,

  5. Such cool photos! And neat to see it land too.