Monday, April 9, 2012

Nap Recap

This is one of the naps I didn't get to share while our mom flaked out on us took a blog-cation.

You can't tell from the pic-sher but everywhere I like to sleep is bolstered underneath with, um, water proof protectors.  Yeah, I'm still having the accidents when I'm sleeping.

I was doing really good, but then when mom went on her work trip, she didn't have the pet sitter lady give me my special herb pill.  See, Minnie and I are out in the house together, and there's no way to know which food dish either of us eats from, so mom didn't want to waste the pills.  I'm back on my pill now, though I've had a few odd accidents.

Oh, here's another nap I can show you:

At one point, all of my nappy mats were in the wash so mom let me use her fleecy sweatshirt for a bed.  I kind of had an accident on it too...maybe even a couple of accidents!  Mom's washed it three times and she can still smell my piddle spot on it!  Does anybuddy have any ideas on what we can put in the wash to get the smell out?  Or do I have a new fleece sweatshirt bed?  ;-/


  1. We're sorry about the continued accidents and hope once you're back on your pills that will help.

    We don't have any laundry suggestions, unfortunately. Our mom actually can't smell, which, while sometimes is good (lol), also can be a detriment.

    Good luck, though.

  2. Smidgen, we're sorry you're still having some accidents. We hope your special pill helps you.

    Our mom wonders if something like that Oxy-stuff in the washer would help get the pee smell out. Or maybe if your mom tried soaking the sweatshirt in Nature's Miracle for Urine. We think you can even put the NM in the washer too...adding it to your regular detergent.

  3. I sure hope you get back to normal and feel better really soon.

  4. WE also hope you can get back to not peeing again. We don't have any ideas about the pee in the sweat shirt. A couple of the suggestions sound good to us. Take care.

  5. Those look like very nice naps!
    Sorry about the accidents - I'm sure the pills will kick back in soon!
    Play bows,

  6. I hope your pills get you back to normal, Smidgen! I wish I had some laundry suggestions, but my human is clueless about that sort of thing.

  7. Oh I'm sorry to hear about accidents. I hope taking pill again helps. Nature's Miracle has a detergent to be used for laundry to remove odor, but I haven't used it so can't say anything about it. I hope your mom finds a good way.
    These napping photos are adorable! I hope you have a wonderful week!