Saturday, April 7, 2012

She's a Super Flake!

Super flake!
She's super flaky!

First our mom abandons our bloggie, something about being busy and stressed out from her work place.
Then she actually abandons us for a week.
And even after coming home, she still wouldn't help us with visits or bloggin!
What do you mean, no one wants to hear about all of our naps?!?

Well, ok, I'll give you that...  But today we got some stuff in the mail!
Just lookit this pawsome box!

Not only that, but we got a ton of shreddy papers!

As you can see, I helped mom sort them out.
The best part is that mom set up a delivery schedule so that every ten weeks we'll be getting a new big box like this and shreddy papers!  Isn't that the coolest?

Now if you'll excuse me...I've got some shreddin to do!

Have a fun weekend!


  1. Since we haven't seen you for a while, I thought your mom was on a business trip. I don't know if it was business or leisure this time, but glad your mom is back home :-) The box looks super fun. Big and it came with shreddy papers! I hope you have fun and a great weekend!!

  2. Hi guys! Nice to see you! That's a great box you've got there...and that paper just makes it even better!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. We've been missing you! I am happy to know that you are okay though!

  4. Wow, you get a new box and papers EVERY week?! I wish my human would subscribe to that!

  5. Well, WE want to hear about all yer naps. Each an evry one.

    Whats more important than pictures of naps?

  6. Our Mom just came home from a trip too and she also brought us shreddy paper. We didn't realize that all cats liked to make an enormous amount of noise and mess with this paper. It is the best! We'll have to bug Mom to get a regular paper delivery like you!

  7. Woo. Now our mom's got that song stuck in her head. Ha woo!
    That box looks fun!

  8. Well, at least she's a flake who can COUNT!
    We missed all y'alls...

  9. Wow, you got that great box AND some shreddy papers?

    By the way, *we* would be okay with hearing about your naps (we LOVE naps)! :)

    Have a great weekend, pals!