Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easy Sunday

It's another Easy Sunday here.  We've had beautiful weather so we put our mom to work outside.  Yesterday she worked on the front yard and this morning I snoopervised her doing some work in the front planter area.

I had a special project for her to do.  I get very upset when I see introoder kitties in my yard.  If Minnie's around, I usually take my frustrations out on her, heh heh.  Otherwise, the stress makes me overgroom and mow my furs off...

I asked mom to do something to keep the introoders away from my window and shrubberies.
This is what we came up with:

Do you see the spikey mat things?  They are supposed to deter introoders.  Mom also collects the spikey seed balls from our liquidambar tree and puts them out in this planter to discourage the neighborhood kitties from passing through.  We only had enough of the spikey mats to do a small area, but hopefully the part we did, in combination with the spikey balls, will keep the introoders out of this area closest to my window.  If this helps, I'll have mom get more of the spikey mats to cover another part of this planter that seems to function as a kitty highway.

In other weekend news, on account of such nice weather, Wriggley was given a bath yesterday ::snicker:: 

And a most terrible thing happened this morning: mom's coffee making machine died!  Thankfully it happened after she made her morning pot today.  I guess 6,000 squillion thousand pots of coffee over about fourteen years is the limit!  She hasn't gone shopping for a new one yet...tomorrow mornning could get scary!

Happy Earth Day, everybuddy!  I've had a busy mroning so I'm going to get back to my nap.


  1. We hope the spiky things work! Fur mowing is so time consuming.

    Mommy says your Mom better hit a coffeeshop FIRST thing tomorrow!

  2. WE hope those mats deter any introoders into your domain, great idea!
    Aiyeeeee if Momma's coffee moochine broke we'd be in BIG trouble.

  3. Introoders and no coffe equals no fun! Happy snoozing!

  4. Those spiky things look evil! You will have to keep us posted on how they work out! If they are effective, my human will add them to her arsenal of things to suggest to humans when they ask her cat questions (because they are too dumb to ask their cats).

  5. That spikey thing looks interesting! We hope it works. We don't like introoder cats either.

    If your mom is like our mom without coffee, we hope she gets a new machine real quick!

  6. Overgrooming is not good...I hope you don't come across too much stressful situation.
    So sorry for your mom that her coffee maker died!! But 14's really a long time! I hope she finds new one soon. Yeah, morning without can be scary!!

  7. We sure hope those spiky things work! Let us know, okay?

    Oooh, if Mommy and Daddy's coffee machine broke here, it would be SKERRY!

  8. Good snoopervising there Pip! Hope that all gets rectified with the coffee situation!

  9. Oh, no! Poor Wriggley!!! That's just horrid! (Mom says it's not as bad as the coffee maker dying, but Mom's funny like that ...)
    I hope you got some rest after all that snoopervising! I know it's hard work!
    Play bows,