Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm so confused...

I may have been a little premature in declaring yesterday Smidgen Day.
I don't understand how the government can move around my special day like that.  Nine years ago my day was declared on April 15.  Last year something happend and my day was the 18th....

With that in mind, I'm going to declare this Smidgen Week!
Yes, a week of Smidgen!
Me, me, ME!
Besides, mom says my present is in the mail and is supposed to come on the 20th...so I at least have to keep celebrating until then.  Come on over, there's plenty of stinky goodness for everybuddy :D


  1. I think Smidgen Week is a better idea too!

  2. Yep, we think Smidgen Week is an excellent idea!

  3. Well, having a whole WEEK is better than just a day...

  4. Smidgen, just a small suggestion, but around here, I have declared it Sparkle FOREVER! Maybe you can do the same at your house.

  5. Stinky Goodness!!? I am SO there!!! A whole week of you. This is so cool! Let the party begin, Smidgen!!!
    Play bows,