Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making the Best of a Situation

Mom was in a really great mood on Sunday...but it all went out the window as she crawled into bed around 10 pm, all set to relax with a crossword before goin to sleep, and smelled the smell of kitty piddle on her blankie...

oh, Smidgen!

Smidgen: banished from the bedroom!
(Not really, but she was rousted for a bit)

Further inspection found a stinky spot on the sheets that went all the way through to the matress protector!  Mom wasn't too thrilled with having to do laundry so late at night.  And since we don't have a clothes drying machine, she had to stay up through the loads to hang everything up.  Ok, so she stayed awake long enough to get the second load going...

Since pretty much all of the piddle protectors we have were still dryin from earlier accidents, mom was afraid to make up the bed.  She did what she could to protect a spot where Smidgie could sleep and then put pillows all over to discourage Smidgen from sleepin anywhere else.

Do you see what I found out of all of this?
Lookit the new kitty pillow bed I have!

You go ahead and sleep on the floor, mom...I'm good here!

You always hafta find the bright spot in situations like this!


  1. Oh Smidgen you were naughty making your poor mum do all that washing so late at night!!!

  2. Oh, my...We do hope there's a good resolution to this. Meanwhile, we're impressed with your ability to make the best of the situation!

  3. Smidgen, if this keeps up, your human may make you wear diapers when you sleep!

  4. I hope you figure it out soon! We are sending you no-pee-purrs!

  5. TBT bought Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer, but has never had to use it. It might be worth a try.

  6. Oh Smidgen...we know you didn't mean to do that...or did you so you'd have that great kitty bed?? ;)

    I did that once to my mom...except it was bomit...I bomited all over the bed and mom didn't find it until she was getting into bed and then she had to pull everything off and wash everything. It was pretty yukky.


  7. Oh Smidgen we feel for you and your Mom for the accidents, we hope that the herbs will help you feel better. Big purrs coming your way. We hope you had a nice Easter and Blogcation.

  8. Ooops. Smidgen, I hope you get your "control" back soon!
    Play bows,