Sunday, April 29, 2012

Music to our ears

Spring is in the air.
The birds in our yard are making a ruckus a-singin and a-courtin.

Have a listen:

They've been carrying on like that all weekend, mol!  But it's a sweet sound to our ears and we're glad to have the windows open a bit to enjoy the fresh air and music :)
Have a good one, everybuddy!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Week-Long Warm Up

Tuesday afternoon when mom got home from work...


Wednesday afternoon when mom got home from work...

La la la...  ::slurp slurp::

Thursday afternoon when mom got home from work...

What?  At least I'm up!

And finally, Friday afternoon when mom got home...

Hi, mom!
Why are you so surprised to see me
waitin by the door?

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Mom was doing some field work the other morning and lookit what she saw...

Isn't that cool?  They almost look like kitty toys, floating in the sky :D
There are balloon companies out of the Napa valley that will often launch near the town where she works.

And a first for her was actually driving by one of these that had landed...

Our mom loves to see the balloons but she thinks she'd be too chicken to ride in one.
We like high places but that's going a bit far for us even!

Monday, April 23, 2012


This is my "don't come any closer with that sucky monster" face.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easy Sunday

It's another Easy Sunday here.  We've had beautiful weather so we put our mom to work outside.  Yesterday she worked on the front yard and this morning I snoopervised her doing some work in the front planter area.

I had a special project for her to do.  I get very upset when I see introoder kitties in my yard.  If Minnie's around, I usually take my frustrations out on her, heh heh.  Otherwise, the stress makes me overgroom and mow my furs off...

I asked mom to do something to keep the introoders away from my window and shrubberies.
This is what we came up with:

Do you see the spikey mat things?  They are supposed to deter introoders.  Mom also collects the spikey seed balls from our liquidambar tree and puts them out in this planter to discourage the neighborhood kitties from passing through.  We only had enough of the spikey mats to do a small area, but hopefully the part we did, in combination with the spikey balls, will keep the introoders out of this area closest to my window.  If this helps, I'll have mom get more of the spikey mats to cover another part of this planter that seems to function as a kitty highway.

In other weekend news, on account of such nice weather, Wriggley was given a bath yesterday ::snicker:: 

And a most terrible thing happened this morning: mom's coffee making machine died!  Thankfully it happened after she made her morning pot today.  I guess 6,000 squillion thousand pots of coffee over about fourteen years is the limit!  She hasn't gone shopping for a new one yet...tomorrow mornning could get scary!

Happy Earth Day, everybuddy!  I've had a busy mroning so I'm going to get back to my nap.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Fun

With me again, Smidgen!
Well, it turns out that I did get pressies for my birthday.
First I got this cheap cardboard ring economical, ecofriendly/recyclable flying ring!

It's actually a lot of fun...

woo hoo!


Ya wanna get that for me mom?

woo hoo!

That's better!
I also got some brand new nappy mats!  Mom said it would be good to have extras on account of my, um, accidents.  But you know, I've been accident-free for a week now...knock on wood... (raps paw on Minnie's head)

Pretty wild, huh?
The fleece is a little different than my usual nappy pads...

yeah...I got two of the same color cause they were
the ones on sale...whatever!

But it still feels good under paw.
I wanna say thanks to everybuddy, for visiting me and helping me celebrate on this week of, well, Me!
Now if you'll excuse me...I'm gonna get back to my biscuits...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday with the Smidge-ster

Hi again!
I'm sitting here in my favorite spot.  Even though it's been warmer and the hot air blowy thing doesn't come on, I still like it here.
See, every time I sit here, my friend is always here too!
Do you see her there next to me?

 We get along really well and are so in tune we can communicate just by looking at each other.  Isn't she cute?  Do you know, her name is Smidgen too!  Isn't that a coincidence?

Not only is she here, but I also see her in the big oven-cooker in the kitchen.  Talk about a brave kitty!  She's occasionally even in the dishwasher...can you believe that?  And she doesn't get in trouble!  I'll have to ask her how she pulls that off.

I saw some boxes come in the mail yesterday.  I think they're my pressies!  I'll show you all tomorrow.  Thanks for sharing Smidgen week with me :)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm so confused...

I may have been a little premature in declaring yesterday Smidgen Day.
I don't understand how the government can move around my special day like that.  Nine years ago my day was declared on April 15.  Last year something happend and my day was the 18th....

With that in mind, I'm going to declare this Smidgen Week!
Yes, a week of Smidgen!
Me, me, ME!
Besides, mom says my present is in the mail and is supposed to come on the I at least have to keep celebrating until then.  Come on over, there's plenty of stinky goodness for everybuddy :D

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Smidgen Day!

For all of you folks in the US that are stressy about today...
I'm here to tell you not to worry.
Don't think of it as "tax day", but rather...
Smidgen Day!

Yes!  It's Smidgen Day today, my estimated birthday, and I'm nine!

So far for my birthday Wriggley got a new toy and Hollie got some treats...

Hmmm...Is that right?  Mom usually forgets our special days... but somehow I remember there should be a present in it for me...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easy Sunday at last!

We have all been enjoying not just an Easy Sunday, but an easy weekend.  After a rainy week, we had some wonderful sunshine to enjoy.  I started out in the window, soaking up the sun and keeping an eye out for introoders.

These are all pictures of me on April 1st, but it sums up this weekend as well.

Meanwhile, mom was pretty busy.  She put off doing doing her taxes until yesterday and actually did a lot of clean up and organizing procrastinating until rather late at night when she could put off no more.
On the plus side, we got our very own "pantry" for all of our stinky goodness.

Well, most of it anyways!  Mom has some cases on order of Hollie's food and there's no more room!  She should've ordered us two pantries.

At any rate, let me tell you more about my day.
After I've had enough sun and need a cooling off, I move down to the top of my cave.

Then I stretch out for a bit...

And then it's about time to re-heat in the window!
Just another purrfect day!

Friday, April 13, 2012

What's the rush?



Is it morning all ready?

You know, Smidgen, Pip, and even Hollie make a fuss in the mornings to get mom up and hurried along for our breakfast.  I know mom's morning routine pretty well and no amount of meowin makes much of a difference.  So I prefer to sleep in...take over mom's warm spot after she gets up.  What's the rush, I say.


Ok, mom's got her work clothes on and she's done with "litter box patrol".
We're getting close, now...
It's about time for me to head for the kitchen...

I'm awake, I'm awake!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making the Best of a Situation

Mom was in a really great mood on Sunday...but it all went out the window as she crawled into bed around 10 pm, all set to relax with a crossword before goin to sleep, and smelled the smell of kitty piddle on her blankie...

oh, Smidgen!

Smidgen: banished from the bedroom!
(Not really, but she was rousted for a bit)

Further inspection found a stinky spot on the sheets that went all the way through to the matress protector!  Mom wasn't too thrilled with having to do laundry so late at night.  And since we don't have a clothes drying machine, she had to stay up through the loads to hang everything up.  Ok, so she stayed awake long enough to get the second load going...

Since pretty much all of the piddle protectors we have were still dryin from earlier accidents, mom was afraid to make up the bed.  She did what she could to protect a spot where Smidgie could sleep and then put pillows all over to discourage Smidgen from sleepin anywhere else.

Do you see what I found out of all of this?
Lookit the new kitty pillow bed I have!

You go ahead and sleep on the floor, mom...I'm good here!

You always hafta find the bright spot in situations like this!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Nap Recap

This is one of the naps I didn't get to share while our mom flaked out on us took a blog-cation.

You can't tell from the pic-sher but everywhere I like to sleep is bolstered underneath with, um, water proof protectors.  Yeah, I'm still having the accidents when I'm sleeping.

I was doing really good, but then when mom went on her work trip, she didn't have the pet sitter lady give me my special herb pill.  See, Minnie and I are out in the house together, and there's no way to know which food dish either of us eats from, so mom didn't want to waste the pills.  I'm back on my pill now, though I've had a few odd accidents.

Oh, here's another nap I can show you:

At one point, all of my nappy mats were in the wash so mom let me use her fleecy sweatshirt for a bed.  I kind of had an accident on it too...maybe even a couple of accidents!  Mom's washed it three times and she can still smell my piddle spot on it!  Does anybuddy have any ideas on what we can put in the wash to get the smell out?  Or do I have a new fleece sweatshirt bed?  ;-/

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, to You!

Happy Easter and many blessings from all of us at Fraidy Cat Central!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

She's a Super Flake!

Super flake!
She's super flaky!

First our mom abandons our bloggie, something about being busy and stressed out from her work place.
Then she actually abandons us for a week.
And even after coming home, she still wouldn't help us with visits or bloggin!
What do you mean, no one wants to hear about all of our naps?!?

Well, ok, I'll give you that...  But today we got some stuff in the mail!
Just lookit this pawsome box!

Not only that, but we got a ton of shreddy papers!

As you can see, I helped mom sort them out.
The best part is that mom set up a delivery schedule so that every ten weeks we'll be getting a new big box like this and shreddy papers!  Isn't that the coolest?

Now if you'll excuse me...I've got some shreddin to do!

Have a fun weekend!