Thursday, July 3, 2014

A minute is all it takes

Mom came home early on Wednesday on account of she had to take Smidgie to the v-e-t*.
Well, she made a quick grocery stop on her way home.  When she came through the door, she set everything down so she could check on Smidgen straight-away.
I saw that as my know...being head of QA around here an all...
You know, it's a good thing they always pack the bread on top.
Makes it easier for me to get to...
So I can complete my inspections..
Mom said she was barely gone a minute and lookit what I did!
I don't know what she was going on about.
Honestly, I didn't think I did a good enough job what with not finishing the ever-so-impawtant taste test.
Okay mom.  You'll just have to eat it at your own risk.
*don't worry, Smidgen is ok.


  1. We're glad Smidgen is okay! Whew!

    The only "food" packages we try to get into are the ones that smell like catnip. :-)

    Frankly, we think you were just testing for the freshness of the bread!

  2. Well, the peep should leave stuff like that out for you to get. Everything is fair game!

  3. Well it HAD to be for you cuz she put it where you could get it!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. we hate it when that happens. Tim is chief bread tester around here and mom hides it right away to keep it away from him. just wrong...

  5. Geez, Minnie, your human is SO unappreciative!

  6. You don't waste any time to do inspection! :-)