Monday, July 7, 2014

I saw what you did

I see you out there.
You don't think I know what you are doing.
But I do.
You're playing with a cool bug that you found.
You're looking for a safe place to put it in the yard so it won't get caught in any spider webs or that the birds won't find it.
And you aren't going to bring it into the house so we can keep it safe in our tummies.
Are you?


  1. I had one of those little guys in my catnip garden a couple of years ago! I wasn't so quick to want to eat him - he was protecting my nip!

  2. Playing with a bug and not sharing? That isn't very nice at all. All bugs should be brought to you for inspection!

  3. Yes, not sharing is a real bugaboo!

  4. MOL...I hope she has the same page as you do, that will be YUMMY CRUCHY !!!!

  5. We hope she brought it in for you to play with...but if she's like our mom, she probably didn't.