Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thankful Thursday

with Wriggley.

I hope you don't mind seeing me again.
I wanted to give everybuddy a pupdate and say thanks again for the purrs, prayers, and well-wishes.
They are working!
Remember the movie in my post on Monday?  Well, that was me on Sunday.
Now look at me!
Since Tuesday, mom has been walking me down the streets a few houses to a common grassy area for me to do my business.  We go twice in the mornings and sometimes later in the day if the sidewalk isn't too hot.  Tuesday night we walked about a quarter of a mile and last night we did a whole half of a mile!  I am pretty steady if I don't walk too fast.  Sometimes I stumble on curbs, and mom has to steady me still when I go potty.  ahem!  But I can balance on three legs now to leave pee mails!  BOL!  I just can't leave my messages very high up on things...  Turning around is sometimes still awkward for me too. 
Oh, check out what came in the mail today.
It's the special lifting harness mom got for me.
It's a pretty cool harness.  I'm not sure about the back part of's pretty close to some, er, sensitive areas.  At least it does not get in the way of any, um...activities.
I'm not so sure about the whole lifting bit either...
oh well.
Mom  says once we get the special traction shoes she ordered for me, she'll take me back to the doc's for a check up.  Something about getting me there with her back in one piece...I'm not sure what that is about...
Thanks again, everybuddy!
Now... about some soccer!


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better! The dog here has that exact same harness! Of course, she has it because she is 15 and unsteady in general.

  2. I am sure glad you are doing so good getting along Wriggley and we are thrilled to see your great big smiles! You look dashing in your new harness too!

  3. We is so glad you is able to walk some nows! We hope you continue to recover well. Purrs <3

  4. Wriggley, we're so glad you're feeling better. That harness may hit some sensitive areas, but it will help your mom help you. :)

  5. Oh Wriggley, we are so happy you are improving. And that harness? Just thing of it as Athletic Wear...kinda like a jock strap!

  6. Our continued purrs (and we would bark them iffen we could). We see the soccer ball. Did ya help the German team win?

  7. Hi Wriggley! Very nice to meet you. I really like your lifting harness. It would have been nice to have one when I had Oskar the Samoyed in his later years.
    Marty's Mom

  8. We're so so so glad you're doing better, Wriggley!!! We got way behind commenting, but have been trying to keep up via Feedly. (Mom was super busy, then she hurt her eye, yadda, yadda, yadda...)
    Sending continued good thoughts your way!