Monday, July 14, 2014

I still got game!

Woofs, everybuddy!
Gosh, thanks for the get well wishes.  They mean a lot to me and my mom.
You know, she is not letting me lie around and feel sorry for myself.  Since I am adjusting and getting around a bit better since this all started on Caturday, mom is making sure to get me up and have me move about.  We even walk around in the front yard.  And this morning I went with mom to the mail box (it is just one house down from ours).
I have not lost my positive Labra-tude!
I'm even up for a low key game of fetch.
Well, almost.  BOL!  Ok, maybe I was a little bit movie-box shy there.  After mom turned it off I did play some more.  Sometimes I forget myself and move a bit too fast in my excitement and then I lose my balance.  I am usually wearing a harness outside and mom will help steady me especially when we are walking.
This whole situation really brought home to her about being able to move me when I can't move.  She was using a towel sling on my rear end but it was hard for her to hold up my rear and help me out with my front end at the same time.  I tend to shut down and not want to do anything when anybuddy starts "man-handling" me.  Mom ordered me a special lifting harness and some traction booties.  We'll see how that goes when it all comes, bol.
Well, If you'll excuse me...
I'm gonna see if I can't work mom over for a cookie...
nom, nom, nom


  1. Insure am glad to see you moving about and that surely will help! The cookie was sure a nice score too!

  2. The dog here, who is elderly and rather arthritic, has one of those lifting harnesses with handles. Of course, she only weighs about 40 lbs., so it is not as hard for my human's boyfriend to help her. Plus, he's fairly strong, even though he is pretty small himself (5'8" and 133 lbs.).

  3. Great attitude! This fetching might help in case you are ever pulled over by the pawlice and have to do a sobriety fetching test!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. We bet you can score a lot of things, Wriggley. We're glad you're moving a little better. And we stop purring for you until you're back to 100%.

  5. Well, this is good news that you're up and about...even if it's just a little! Tell your Mom that this is an opportunity for her to get some weight training in!

    We're still purring, hard.

  6. We imagine you can score as many doggie cookies as you want right now, Wriggley. Better milk it for all it's worth. :-)

    Continued purrs and purrayers from us.

  7. Wriggley, we are purring and praying for you sweet buddy for a recovery with ease. You are such a great woofie.