Sunday, July 20, 2014

Easy Sunday

We enjoyed an unusually cool July Easy Sunday today.  We even got a few sprinkles of rain.  We've also been getting more programs on the Mouse Channel.

Mom figured out that the shmousie has burrowed into the planter pot on the patio.  She feels bad when she goes to water the plants now, mol!  Mom put a clump of bird seed from one of those seed bells near the shmousie's front door.

woo hoo!

He came out to get the seed and tried to take it inside...


Mol!  Mom felt bad so she broke the big clump into smaller ones.
And she even left some vegies...

The shmouse has taken some of the seed pieces inside his burrow.
We don't know if he'll like the little tomato, squash, or bell pepper.
We ended up getting some early evening sunbeams...
Then dinner and time for more relaxing...

And now I'm ready for a break from the pawparazzi...

Hope everybuddy had a nice Easy Sunday!


  1. We're pretty sure that shmousie would THRIVE indoors...

  2. Oh I could have fun with dat shmousie!

  3. I would LIKE To think that your human is fattening up that mouse for you kitties... but I doubt it.

  4. Do mice eat bell pepper? Keep us up to date! It looks like a pretty cool channel on your cat TV!

  5. I bet you would like to terminate the Mouse Channel. Yep the suspense must be keeping you on your toes. I want to thank you for stopping by my blog today and helping me meet my goal in sending one kitty on the Scooter Shuttle.
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. Oh that's one channel we don't get here. We gotta call our cable company!

  7. We totally want the shmousie channel here. We're calling the cable company tomorrow!

  8. Shmousie TV is very cool, we have never had that before! (Glad to hear that Wriggley is feeling better and doing better, continued purrs and prayers.) Have a great week everyone!

  9. Ohhh Mousie TV! We have never seen that! sounds like fun to us!

  10. You have mouse tv at your house!! oh you are so lucky! The Crew only gets chimpunk TV, and it's kinda boring - or so they tell me.