Sunday, July 13, 2014

My wonky world

by Wriggley.

Mom and I have been having all kinds of fun lately.
On the weekends, we take a long walk around the nearby fields and play a bit of fetch or maybe tag to boot.
Mom has even let me off of my long fun line.
We also went back to the wildlife refuge.  It was a lot different there this time of year.  The ponds near the walking trail were dry.  We mostly just saw squirrels and bunnies.  They did have a sort of demonstration nest box that was new to us.
We have to get up early to do our adventuring cause it gets pretty hot here.  I get my breakfast and mom has me relax for an hour or so (I got sick once when I went running with mom too soon after eating).
Yesterday mom got up a bit late for me to eat and relax and then for us to go out to the fields while it was still cool.  We stayed home and mom planned to go shopping instead.
A little later in the morning, mom called me to go outside and take care of my business.  That's when I noticed world had gone wonky!
Do you like my cute head tilt?
Except I can't help it...
I staggered down the hallway to mom.  I couldn't keep my rear end under me.  To say mom was a bit freaked out would be an understatement!  Mom helped me out to potty and kept me from falling back into it.  Then she called the dogtor's office.  Our usual doc isn't in on Caturday's but another doc is and we were able to get an appointment for the afternoon.
Mom kept me quiet while we waited.  She got the car all ready and then tried to help me out of the house.  By this time I really didn't want to walk!  I got sort of close to the car, BOL, but then mom had to carry me.  To say I almost broke her back would be the second understatement!
I was ok in the car and we got to the doc's office.  We were early and mom parked kind of far away so we'd be in some shade and could maybe chillax outside for a bit.  But then I didn't want to help mom help me get out of the car... Well, somehow she heaved me out but I wasn't having anything to do with this walking business.  Mom figured it would be just as hard to get me back in the car to move closer, so she just said a quick prayer for strength and carried me.
Have I ever mentioned that I weigh 70 pounds?
This is me and my scrawny little mom.  BOL!
Mom made it to the doorway of the doc's office plopped me back on the ground.  I still wasn't wanting to move.  At this point the folks in the office helped me in.
The doc checked me out all over.  He pounded my knees with a little hammer, pushed all over on my hips, and took long looks into my ears.  It turns out that I have Idiopathic Vestibular Disease.  The good news is I will recover, though I may still have a head tilt...which really isn't so bad considering that cute look could score me a lot of treats...ahem...  The not so good news for mom at least is that my recovery could take a few to several weeks and she's gotta help me around.
I think I am getting used to my wobbley-ness and lack of balance.  Today hasn't been too bad.  I don't walk too well on floors so mom has everything I need on the carpeted areas of the house.  Last night especially mom had to hoist me up to get me to go outside, bol!  At least so far today I am being more cooperative :)
Mom has helped me eat.  Last night she held my bowl and this morning I was able to use my standing dish.  Mom was worried I might feel nauseous and bomit my food all over the place, but I'm able to keep food down ok and I don't feel so bad as to say no to a treat!
Oof!  This takes a lot out of a pup!
My kitty sisters will be taking advantage of an Easy Sunday as long as I don't fall over on them and I am going to try to do the same.  Mom said something about needing to rest her back...
Woofs, everybuddy!  Thanks for listening.
Have a great day and week ahead!


  1. How scary! I am purring for a full recovery.

  2. Oh, no, Wriggley, your mom must have been beside herself with fear and worry. :-(

    Our human is discovering that "idiopathic" is tossed around a lot by vets, when they just don't have the answers. :-/

    We're sending you lots and lots of healing purrs, for a full and speedy recovery, and have our paws crossed your mom's back will hold out through this. Heating pad, ice, ibuprofen (or some such) -- your mom might need those!


  3. We have a furiend that had that and was tipping over all the time. We sure hope you are better fast. BTW, our dogtur said nothing to eat 90 minutes before and after a run.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Oh my goodness Wriggley, I sure am sorry you are going through this and we are all sending your our best healing purrs. We sure are glad you got to see a Vet quickly. Feel better soon.

  5. Poor Wriggley! We are so sorry that you're going through this, but are glad you will recover. We will be purring and praying for you!


  6. Oh Wriggley! We're purring that you make a full recovery real soon.

  7. How SCAREY!!! Wriggley, we'll be purring BIG TIME that you recover, and soon! Our Mommy had a black lab mix so she knows just how hard it is to haul a large-sized dog such as yourself around! Maybe your Mom could rig up a sling for you with some towels.

  8. Poor you, Wriggley !
    And this thing must freak your mom out badly !
    But we should look at the bright side, right ?
    I send magic purrs to you plus paws crossed.
    I hope you feel better every single day.
    Hugs & purrs

  9. Oh Wriggley, I'm so sorry you've got the disease, but glad it can be treated. It must have been really scary for your mom. She's got strength to carry your 70lbs body because she loves you! I hope you recover quickly xoxo

  10. Your poor mom must have been frantic! We'll be purring for a full recovery, and we hope you are feeling better soon. Thank you so much for coming over and helping us with our Gotcha Day celebrations!

  11. So sorry you had such a tough day! We are purring for a speedy recovery.